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Submitted by Adam on Wed, 04/08/2015 - 14:59

Adam is a truly exceptional developer. He has a high-level of technical expertise and is able to architect systems from the bottom up with careful consideration for future flexibility, security and high-performance.  His good nature and approachable personality have allowed him to quickly and easily integrate into the team. On our request, he has helped mentor junior team members, which has made them more productive and confident.  Adam tackles any issue thrown at him with a level head - he works out what needs to get done and just gets on with it.  He is able to deal with clients and colleagues in a clear and concise way which has made him a valuable member of the development team. He keeps himself updated with the latest technologies and techniques, which meant he was able to suggest the use of MongoDB to us to solve a specific issue. We are now using it as standard in our website developments.  Adam has made a big positive impact on our development team and processes and he will be greatly missed when he moves on.

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