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nodejs logoJavaScript is the programming language of the web. Every bit of live interaction, animation and dynamic content almost certainly has it running behind the scenes. Because of this, modern web browsers have made huge improvements to make it run as quickly as possible. Realising this speed and live updating of content was too good to keep only on the client/front-end side, Node.js took Google Chrome’s JavaScript engine and put it on the server side of a website.

Rather than performing one action at a time, Node.js specialises in juggling multiple complex tasks simultaneously and responding directly when events happen on the client side or in a database.

It is often used for websites where content updates live without a page refresh, such as City Web Consultants’ Hub Intranet project, but is so fast and flexible it can be used in many situations when content needs to be served quickly. We used it to make the branding and navigation banner for Jisc’s partner websites, dynamically serving multiple variations of a banner to dozens of different websites and thousands of users in milliseconds without affecting the user experience or requiring a powerful server.

If you to hire NodeJS developers for your project or want to discuss the benefits of using this technology, please get in touch.

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