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mongodb logoAnything but the simplest of web applications requires a database to store and serve content from. Choosing the right database and structuring it correctly is an essential early step to prevent future problems with a website growing and evolving from its initial requirements.

MongoDB is one of a new breed of “no-SQL” databases that are increasingly being used to power new web applications due to their fast performance, flexibility, small footprint and ease of use.

MongoDB treats data as objects with properties and stores them in a system very similar to JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), a data format that has superseded XML as the principal way of sharing information inside and between applications across the web. Unlike SQL with its huge collections of relational tables, MongoDB’s data is simple enough to be read and understood directly by people. On the other hand, if you’re a computer reading it, it pretty much just plugs right in to the fabric of the web, making for lightning-fast web applications especially when paired with server technologies like Node.JS.

When building the Hub Intranet at City Web Consultants, we needed a fast system to store user information, chat messages and details about content so that it could be searched simultaneously by hundreds of users without dragging the system down. MongoDB was a perfect match.

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