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Blockchain logoRarely does a new technology come along that truly promises to disrupt so much.

Blockchains, or more generically called 'Distributed Ledger Technologies' provide a framework to provide fully verifiable and transparent digital transactions.

Now that might sound confusing, but please have a read of our blogs below on the subject to clarify any questions you might have.


Or better yet, get in contact today today to find out how your organisation can benefit from Blockchain technologies, crypto-currencies and Smart contracts. We have Blockchain developers in London, Durham and Edinburgh, however physical location is no hurdle as we work with clients internationally.

We are experts in the field of Ethereum Smart Contracts with skills in Solidity, truffle and building custom Dapps.

Team Blocktunes

Director Adam Clarey with his prize-winning team 'BlockTunes' at a recent Blockchain Hackathon


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