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EthereumRarely does a new technology come along that truly promises to disrupt so much.

Blockchains, or more generically called 'Distributed Ledger Technologies' provide a framework to provide fully verifiable and transparent digital transactions.

Now that might sound confusing, but please have a read of our blogs below on the subject to clarify any questions you might have.


Or better yet, get in contact today today to find out how your organisation can benefit from Blockchain technologies, crypto-currencies and Smart contracts. We have Blockchain developers in London, Durham & Glasgow, however physical location is no hurdle as we work with clients internationally.

We are currently working on several Smart Contract projects that are under NDA. For references from current and past clients of our Blockchain consultancy and development services, please contact us today.

We are experts in the field of Ethereum Smart Contracts with skills in Solidity, truffle and building custom Dapps.

Services include:

  • Educational/training sessions covering crypto-currencies, Smart Contracts and how Blockchain technologies can impact or improve your organisation.
  • Initial Coin Offerings (ICO's); Do you want to launch your own crypto-coin or token and raise capitol? We can can create your new coins and build the whole website interface allowing users to get the info they need on your ICO, add user subscriptions, Know Your Customer (KYC) processes and coin management systems.
  • Ethereum Smart Contracts; There is so much more to Blockchain/Cryptos than coins and tokens. Smart Contracts can add programmable logic to ledger contracts, this adds considerable flexibility and has applications across industry sectors from Travel to Property.


Team Blocktunes

Director Adam Clarey with his prize-winning team 'BlockTunes' at a recent Blockchain Hackathon


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