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Ninty per cent of our work is repeat business. Our clients choose to keep working with us because of the quality of service we offer, as you can see from our testimonials below.

You will work directly with our developers through every step of your project and receive good, honest and high quality work.

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I founded City Web Consultants in 2010 as a lone freelancer with a passion for development. On the back of providing top service to my clients I have been able to grow a fantastic team to service larger projects across more disciplines and skill-sets.

I've been professionally building websites since I was 16 and graduated with a 1st class degree in Artificial Intelligence & Cybernetics in 2008. I have been growing my skills and experience in the industry ever since.

Since City Web's incorporation back in 2010 I have worked as Operations Director, taking care of the day to day running of the company and acting as PA to Adam. 

At present I am responsible for maintaining our Central London office and ensuring that the City Web Consultants team can continue to grow and develop as experts in our chosen fields. I am also our office cat's number one subordinate. 

Long time lover of disruptive technologies and open source.

I work on the web; develop in Drupal; experiment in Ethereum; program in PHP; joust with Javascript and firefight Frameworks.

Working on websites and software from a young age, I've since been working on projects for companies ranging from startups and large, multinational established companies creting microservices and applications.

I enjoy using the newest techniques and technologies in order to provide a solution that will fit the needs of the client in an efficient and mordern way, helping to ensure a long life of the product.

PHP and Javascript Developer in Telco Industry for almost 7 years, Focused on Innovation and Integration project for both Mobile and Web platforms. I always innovate every simple product and integrate it to every new technology come's in.

On weekday i always play mobile games, do gym workout and code at work, 

On weekend i organized Mountain Climbing and Beach Swimming Activities, attend Meetup and Hackathon and participate on startup ideas

I'm a Software Saiyan :)

As the official City Web Consultants office cat it is my responsibility to maintain high levels of staff morale by inspecting the office on a regular basis. On occassion I will allow one or two of the employees to stroke me or give me treats.

Most of my time is taken up by sleeping in the sunny spot, keeping the office free from bugs and informing other staff members when I am hungry.

Star the moody