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We are passionate technologists with our fingers on the digital pulse. From Blockchain to AI to Virtual Reality and everything in between, we can help you to stay ahead of the curve and succeed.

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Virtual / Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality as a technological wave has come and gone several times in the past. Will it be here for good this time? Nobody knows.

What is known however is that record amounts of investment is currently pushing the industry further than it ever has before, and with the biggest tech firms pushing it hard, it looks to have a promising future.

Working with the largest tech firms out there such as Siemens, we have real industry experience building web-based VR/AR frameworks. We have successfully implemented cross-device VR projects using the Three.js Javascript library allowing users to experience and interact with virtual worlds either in a standard browser using mouse & keyboard controls or using VR headsets using the WebVR API.

As well as VR, we are also able to deliver Augmented/Mixed reality solutions for headsets such as the MS Hololens using Unity.

augmented / virtual reality

Siemens - VR/AR sales platform

This is a very exciting project we have begun with with Siemens to bring together their Virtual/Augmented reality systems to the enterprise market.

Not only will we be working with cutting edge VR technologies, we will also be introducing Machine Learning into certain AR products in a truly revolutionary way!

As this field is highly competitive, we are unable to give any further details at present on the various projects we will be working on.

You will just have to wait until they are released to the market...

AI & Machine learning

Although our Director Adam studied Artificial Intelligence at university over 10 years ago, it's only been in the last couple of years that has become prominent in our psyche from the barrage of news coverage. Although in reality it has been apart of everyday life for over a decade or so.

An important quote (can't remember whom from): "It's only AI until it becomes mainstream, then it's just normal tech". For example, car Sat-navs were once cutting edge AI, now they are so common place they are easily overlooked.

AI and ML tools and techniques are becoming ever more engrained into commonplace applications and this will be a continuing trend.

Get in touch to find out how you could benefit from introducing AI into your applications.

Artificial intelligence & machine learning


From inception, to major investment

Here how we helped a Silicon Valley startup launch their innovative web platform using AI algorithms to match investors with financial advisors.

Wealthramp is currently raising $2M in series B funding

Ethereum Blockchain Dapps

This is something that interests us a lot!

Blockchain technology is a truly disruptive technology that has the potential to redefine global financial infrastructure.

We have chosen to focus mainly on the Ethereum blockchain as it provides a framework for more complex logic to be processed in the Blockchain with Smart Contracts.

With clients in industries from property development to travel management, the Blockchain solutions we deliver are proving to be highly disruptive in their respective sectors.

Keep abreast of our developments and experiences building Ethereum Dapps (Distributed apps) from our blog section

Ethereum blockchain

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