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Bespoke web development & support



First we had to assess the state of the existing system, and it soon became clear that the system already developed was far below industry standards. The existing system also very insecure, providing an explanation for how it had been hacked, an incident which lead to the domain being black-listed. After our detailed assessment we explained that it would be quicker, cheaper and more reliable to start from scratch. The client appreciated our advanced level of expertise in this area and accepted our assessment without question.


The MVP would be fairly simple. It would require two profile types, 'advisor' and 'investor', but would contain carefully designed questions to match investors to advisors.

The major frontend undertaking was the investor registration questionnaire. Gamification principles were used to make the long process fun and interesting enough to work through to the end. A lot of consideration was given to imagery, fonts, sizing and positioning. We even implemented sets of questions using 'ball in bin' where the user drags the question (ball) into the most appropriate answer (bin).

On the backend, we had to carefully create a weighted scoring matrix to rank advisors based on their answers. We are currently working with them long-term to design a patented matching algorithm that will incorporate the social-graph.


Delivering a working MVP to Wealthramp is just the beginning of our story with them. We have entered into a partnership where we aim to build up their entire online systems architecture which will include an integrated mobile app and Facebook app etc. We will also be integrating a comprehensive e-Commerce subscription system to collect a monthly fee from each advisor.

Needless to say Wealthramp are extremely happy with what we have already delivered, and are set on continuing exclusively with City Web Consultants for all of their development and support requirements.