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September 2013 - September 2015
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Project brief

A Drupal 7 site, this is a multi-lingual e-commerce platform with many features new to the South American market for a client in Buenos Aires. Drupal Commerce is the e-commerce system in use but required several payment provider plugin modules for local payment gateway providers. On top of this basic e-commerce functionality, a custom subscription system was developed to allow customers to subscribe to a weekly service with the option to update/modify their subscription at any time for the next 2 months. Custom order management pages were also created to streamline their product packaging/delivery workflows.


This was a new website, for a new service, in a new market. There were a lot of unknowns before (and during) the development of this platform. As such, the architechture and functionality has had to evolve over time to accommodate the insights gained from this fledging venture. The idea was to create a website where users can read and understand this new service, then sign up to a weekly subscription where a new bag of ingredients would be delivered each week with an original recipe for each meal.


Quesecome site

There have been many technical obstacles to overcome on this project. Most notably in understanding how the people of Argentina use the internet and expect to pay for products/services online, and then providing methods to accommodate this. For example, in paying online with a credit card. For a small percentage of transactions there is still distrust associated with online payments, so instead they would prefer to pay with cash on delivery, or via bank transfers or even printing off a barcode that they then take to a shop and pay for there. In order to increase sales on Quesecome, we have had to work these options into the system to allow customers to pay in a number of different ways.

The other major difficulty has been in creating a super-flexible subscription management interface that would allow each customer to have a different 'bag' each week, or even opt-in/opt-out for centain delivery slots to accommodate their lifestyles. Each week, the system compiles a list of each subscription and creates an order based on what each user wants that particular week. The orders are then batch processed and multiple management lists/Excel exports have been created to facilitate the preparation and delivery of all orders.


This project is still very much a work-in-progress as there are still cultural barriers to climb, however we have been able to analyse and accommodate local expectations and practices and the business continues to accellarate week-on-week. The system now functions well and is intuitive to use. The next challenges will be to ensure the complex system (and business) can continue to grow to thousands of bags per week.

Client feedback

Adam took our project from zero to market in no time at all with a perfectly functioning bi-lingual subscription e-commerce website. He took charge of all technical issues making sound recommendations at every stage to match our business needs. He is a complete professional and I could not recommend anyone else higher.

-- S.Elfver, CEO

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