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Bespoke web development & support

Lace & Love Hearts

Project brief

A Drupal 7 site, designed by the client and built by City Web Consultants. The client roughly knew what they wanted, but by working together and analyzing their requirements, we created the perfect platform for the client. Our main emphasis was to create a site that was very simple to use and navigate.


For this project, the primary focus for style and usability was the 'target audience'. As this was a wedding advice blog, the primary target audience would be 20's-40's brides. Colours, fonts and imagery was highly tailored to appeal to this target market. 


Lace and Love Hearts site

This was a simple blog website with an additional supplier directory to connect brides directly to preferred suppliers. Time was spent primarily on the design and theming of the site, rather than backend implementation. However, there was a custom analytics module implemented so suppliers could see how many times each advert had been viewed, each time their profile was viewed, and how many click-throughs they received as a result.


This was a simple site but a favourite of ours due to its beautiful finish and execution.