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Project brief

Adam [City Web Consultants] was originally contracted to work full-time with Janet (now Jisc following the merge) to replace many Drupal views on the community site with Apache Solr equivalents to improve the poor performance of the site. It was originally a 3 month contract, but over 2 years later Adam is still working closely with the development team at Janet. Janet have been so pleased with the work carried out by City Web Consultants that we supply 3 full-time developers to help in all areas of architecture, performance, security, themeing and general day-to-day development tasks.


As we have carried out many projects during our time working on the Jisc community site, I will describe our general processes...

High level archetictural decisions are made by Jisc management, they then communicated those decisions to the wider development team, including City Web Consultants. We then discussed the implications and best implementation approaches.


Jisc community site

After agreeing the best approach, all development taskes are broken down into individual tickets and loaded into Pivotal Tracker. All developers assign themselves tickets based on priority and area of expertise. All changes are managed using Git version control where commits are matched to Pivotal tickets and then pushed through for several stages of testing before being deployed to the live site.


The fact that we have been working with Janet/Jisc for so long, and continue to supply more developers to meet their needs speaks volumes. It is clear that they appreciate our skill and contribution to their progress. We have developed very strong professional bonds.

Client feedback

Adam [CWC] worked for me as Development Consultant whilst I was at Jisc. He is an excellent leader with some of the best technical skills around. No task was too big or small and he has that unique ability to identify technical issues and know how to solve them.

Whilst working with CWC, I was always amazed at their ability and attitude to solve complex problems or learn something new. Most certainly one of those rare talents that we don't come across to often.

Adam also has the ability to set a vision and know how to deliver it, again something that these days is all to rare.

-- R. Collyer, Head of Digital

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