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With hundreds of thousands of employees generating, storing and sending media and content through a verity of different channels, it becomes almost impossible to ascertain what data actually exists, and if it does exist, how does one access it?

Project aims

The aim of this project was to create a single Siemens repository of all media, data and machine learning datasets. The web-based platform must provide a simple user-interface to allow all users to easily upload new content with an unlimited number of data items with unlimited file-sizes. 

Users must be able to attribute comprehensive meta-data describing their content, the meta-data will be then stored to a Knowledge Graph and traditional search-engine to increase the searching capabilities.

Multiple access-levels must be available for each piece of content from 'open' to 'highly restricted'.

Advanced users can use one of the many API's for automated/mass upload of data and meta-data tagging.


Drupal 8 was the CMS of choice for this project. With Drupals media handling, user management and API-focused design it was the obvious choice.

CWC worked very closely with senior Siemens professionals to design a system that would solve all their business goals. The UI/UX adopts a clean and modern design that is highly intuitive to use. The backend has a highly flexible API mechanism allowing this system to integrate with a host of external services.

One such integration is the GraphScope Knowledge Graph created by Metaphacts that pushes new/updated content from Drupal to the KG, the Drupal site then hosts a visualisation of the graph search capabilities.

Not only was CWC commissioned to design and build the platform but also to design and setup the entire hosting infrastructure. Amazons suite of hosting services were utilised to provide the level of scalability and redundancy required for such a system.


With a very tight deadline we were able to deliver a highly sophisticated and scalable data-management system in only 3.5 months which was an achievement in itself. But more importantly we hit the brief perfectly and the system is becoming an integral part of the Siemens internal ecosystem.

Going forward, different teams are wanting new and challenging API's to extend the current offering of the platform.

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