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August 2017 - Ongoing

London, UK

There are many features that make iYield different to other crypto-businesses. Where Initial Coin Offerings (ICO's) are used to fund a project in a one-off funding round, the iYield Smart Contract has been designed to allow for an infinite number of funding rounds while protecting the value of coins already held by each investor.

To put simply, let's say say round 1 aims to raise a £20million portfolio fund, each investor can buy a share of that fund using either fiat currency (GBP, USD etc) or crypto currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) or Ether (ETH) by buying iYield coins. £20 investment will give you 20 YieldCoins for example.

The investment fund is used to buy carefully researched properties that have a good rental yield or re-sale value. In time, as the value of the portfolio fund increases, let's say by 10%, the value of each users YieldCoins will also increase by 10%. The value of the coins are pegged to the value of the investment fund. iYield's holding company has many years successfully investing in property.

Unlike other investment funds, the returns are calculated daily! This gives investors the freedom to invest for as little or long as they desire and still make a profit.

As time goes on, further funding rounds can be launched to increase the portfolio size and buy ever more properties.

The technical challenges for the iYield Smart Contracts mainly focus around the orchestration of passing the ownership of tokens from each funding round, the migration of tokens between owners can be a complicated task. 

When dealing with such large sums of money and transactions, security and accuracy is of paramount importance. As a result we are creating a fail-safe private-key management solution with multi-signature wallets to ensure funds stay safe and only transferred to correct accounts.

With a pre-ICO planned for early 2018, you can stay updated here on our progress and information on how to become an investor.

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