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eBudz (BETA) is a website/business/foundation that wants to change the world. It aims to do that by promoting quality user-generated content.

Content can be up (or down) voted by the community and users that receive the most upvotes will receive a share of the monthly token giveaway. Those tokens can be used on the site or out in the wider cannabis industry.

Social network

ebudzOn the surface, eBudz is like nearly every other social network site out there. Users can create and follow content, events, groups and pages.

Members can send and receive fully encrypted private messages between each other.

There are however, some very interesting features that makes eBudz stand apart!

On eBudz businesses can setup Amazon-style web stores to sell (only legal) products and services. An industry-wide BUD token will be the currency used throughout this site that can be bought and then exchanged for fiat currencies.

Online courses will also be available, site members will actually get paid in tokens for taking the beginner course. This will promote the positive education of the wider-public to dispel mis-information. Further courses would be paid for in tokens to the course creators.

Ethereum Smart Contracts and Tokens

eBudz are publishing their own crypto utility token, the 'BUD'. 420 million will be created with a large proportion going towards further research and lobbying efforts.

The intention is for the BUD token to become an industry-wide single currency that producers, supplier, retailers, professionals etc can all use to buy and sell from each other.

The main BUD token contract is ERC20 standard. It is linked to several other contracts such as the token sale contract and a CWC proprietary token payment gateway (TokenPay).

The token sale contract facilitates the purchase of BUD tokens when they are released to the public.

The TokenPay contract allows eCommerce sites to integrate ERC20 token payments into their site, similar in principle to PayPal.

Added complexity comes with the community voting system we have integrated. eBudz as a foundation will ask the community for their opinion on matters to do with the direction of the foundation and where funds should be spent. Users will do the voting via the eBudz website but their tokens will be staked until the voting period has ended. The more tokens a user holds, the greater influence they will have on polls. Tokens are staked to avoid the 'double spend' issue. 

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