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We find it difficult to answer the question 'Who is your target client?' because we work on varied projects with clients and spanning many industry sectors. Looking forward, we're wanting to do more Blockchain and AI related projects.

Due to our continual high quality-of-service standards, we are a long-term support partner of Jisc and Janet services.

Siemens - VR/AR sales platform

Apr 2017
Munich, Germany

Revolutionary developments in Virtual & Augmented Reality with integrated Machine Learning.

This is a field we feel very excited about.

We are helping Siemens bring their R&D projects into the mainstream, by building up their web-platforms and amalgamating various technologies into unified Cloud based systems.

Siemens - Knowledge graph and CMS data cataloging

Apr 2018
Munich, Germany

With terabytes of unmanaged media and datasets distributed across a global workforce of over 300,000 this solution will ensure all data will be safely stored and found for years to come.

'Data is the new oil' and as such it needs to be protected, safely stored and easily accessible when needed.

Not only are we creating a repository for data, this system introduces pipelines to use the data in a variety of Machine Learning and data transformation systems.

BODi - Medical implant tracker

Nov 2018
Sep 2019
Dallas, TX, USA

A mobile optimised platform for placing orders and tracking the entire life-cycle of medical implant devices from production to implantation.

A very serious concern in the medical sector is the origins and life-cycle of medical implants that are to be used in surgeries across the USA. To ensure unsafe implant devices are removed from circulation, a technical solution was required.


iYield Blockchain Application & ICO

Aug 2017
London, UK

Disrupting the Property development and portfolio management industry with crypto-based investing.

Investing in property can be a high-return venture but has always been out of reach for those without a lot of assets or cash to invest with. iYield is a platform that will allow anyone to invest in property whether they wish to invest with fiat currency or crypto-currencies.

City Web are happy to be developing and orchestrating the first fiat & multi-crypto ICO that will be used to build a property portfolio. Where other crypto/ICO projects can experience great volatility, with iYield coins, you are safe with 'bricks & mortar'.

eBudz - Blockchain social network

Jul 2018
Durham, UK

A novel social network and e-marketplace that leverages blockchain technology to empower and reward its users.

eBudz is a foundation that aims to dispel the copious amounts of mis-information that is circulating on the internet and throughout society about cannabis. 

The website rewards users of quality content with the eBudz BUD token that can be used to purchase items on the marketplace, take online courses or used as voting rights in the community.

Vetted users can create Amazon-style shops for selling products and services with strict regulations.


Jul 2015
New York, USA

A Fintech startup in Silicon Valley, USA.

We built an MVP for them which incorporates a complex algorithm to match prospective investors with financial advisors. Wealthramp are so happy with the product we built for them they’ve asked us to deliver ongoing web development and support for the forseeable future.

P.A.C.E - User rewards questionnaires

Oct 2018
Dallas, TX, USA

To improve the recovery rates of patients undergoing surgery, a platform was developed to allow users to complete pre and post-surgery questionnaires combined with learning aids. 

In order to incentivise patients, rewards including vouchers to high-street and online stores are automatically calculated based on how well the patient scores. The higher the score, the higher the reward.

Nov 2014
Feb 2017
Didcot, UK

The UK's largest NGO providing digital solutions for the education and research sectors.

We are a close development partner of Jisc, providing day-to-day assistance with maintaining the main site along with other custom Jisc systems. We have aided Jisc and Janet through their merger process.

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