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Project brief

The problem to be solved, is a common problem across healthcare. Patients often don't recover after surgery quick enough due to being ill-informed on how best to prepare for surgery and then how best to behave afterwards in order to minimise recovery time.

The platform that we would require is one where the site owners/admins can create a suite of questionnaires which can include multi-choice questions, text-based answers or choosing between images to answer any given question. Different questionnaires can target different types of surgery which can have different recovery guidance. The incentive for the patient would be gift vouchers that can be redeemed after successfully completing 1 or more questionnaires. In order to maximise conversion rates, we wanted this to feel like a game and so the user-interface was designed to reflect this.


As this platform would be managing users can user-content, the favoured framework for this project was Drupal 8. Drupal 8 allows for rapid prototyping and development of user-focused web platforms.

pace screenshot

As the primary functionality of this site would be the authoring and completing of questionnaires, we made effective use of the Drupal Webform module which is a sophisticated suite of tools that fit our needs. There was a degree of customisation required, particularly around scoring answers. Users were not just completing a questionnaire, they were being scored for each answer they give. The total score for each questionnaire completed was then used to calculate the rewards that they had earned.

After building up rewards points, the user then had the choice to select vouchers from high-street & online stores or to instead donate their rewards to a designated charity.


Although this isn't a hugely complex system, it hits the brief perfectly. As a result of this platform being used by the patients it is offered to, the rate of patient recovery has significantly improved.

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