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A North East digital consultancy is celebrating the high-profile launch of a long-term project in the United States. City Web Consultants, a full-stack development team based in in County Durham, has spent three years working with Pam Krueger, Investor Advocate and Co-host of Moneytrack on PBS, to develop the Wealthramp platform. Described by US personal finance and economy expert Terry Savage as a ‘financial match-making service’, Wealthramp incorporates a complex algorithm to match prospective investors with vetted independent financial advisors.

City Web founder Adam Clarey explains: “We specialise in creating novel prototypes, using appropriate traditional and emerging technologies to solve the client’s problem. With Wealthramp, we designed the patented matching algorithm, carefully created a weighted scoring matrix to rank advisors, and at the front end used gamification principles to make the long process fun and interesting enough to work through to the end.”

Applying emerging technology to create innovative enterprise-level web systems has also brought City Web Consultants success across Europe. As recently-appointed partners of Siemens AG in Munich, Adam and his team have been developing prototypes and systems using machine learning, augmented reality, and distributed ledger technology. In the UK, City Web’s software can be found underpinning projects in eCommerce, community and blockchain, and the company is also embarking on collaborations with academics at two universities to bring research innovation into real world applications.

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