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At CWC our aim is to provide innovative solutions to any problems our clients want solved. This more often than not means we need to provide multi-faceted solutions using a selection of technologies and programming languages. 

We consider ourselves as good 'all-rounders' able to work with varying technologies although we tend to have our own specialisations. There are very few places where you will get to work on such varying and cutting-edge technology!

Currently looking for developers with experience and/or interest in the following:

  • Ethereum Smart Contracts and general Blockchain enthusiasts.
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • React, JS/Node developers
  • Drupal/PHP developers


Anyone in the UK can apply but we would prefer new team members to join us in our Durham/NE office.


Pay & benefits are very competitive and based on experience.


We are also actively seeking a, Marketing ManagerBusiness Manager and/or Managing Director to help grow CWC to become the world-leading tech firm it has the potential to be.




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