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Latest News from City Web Consultants HQ!

Latest news from City Web ConsultantsWe are happy to report that a great deal of exciting developments have been taking place here at CWC HQ over the past few months! Both our personal lives and our work lives have been incredibly busy since the beginning of the year and we are very proud of the fact that we’ve managed to successfully maintain the ideal work/life balance. Working for ourselves is still as exciting and varied as it has ever been, and the past few months have galvanised our belief that for us; this is the only way of working and living which brings true happiness and productivity.                                                                            

Britain needs more Drupal developers!

DrupalThe demand for Drupal websites has been growing steadily for the past few years since it became an open source project back in 2001. The popularity of this free, multilingual and intuitive platform is due to the many benefits which it offers to companies big and small. Some of the most celebrated benefits of building your website using the Drupal CMS includes the flexibility and scalability of the platform, its dynamic global community of users, and the fact that it is an open source CMS which offers thousands of free designs and site modules. Unfortunately the supply of quality Drupal developers has not been growing as quickly as the platform itself. Companies are now finding that they cannot locate a sufficiently qualified Drupal developer without spending a fortune on recruitment companies to locate appropriate candidates.

Why your next business website should be using Drupal

DrupalMost businesses looking to create a new website for their services usually approach the issue with a degree of trepidation – and for good reason!

There’s a wide range of options open to those responsible for creating the website ranging from the (very) expensive bespoke approach to creating everything from the ground-up with specialist software programming or to opt for an open source solution.

Let’s get one thing straight at this point: because a software offering is open source means it is free to use but this doesn’t mean that it isn’t very good.

On the contrary. Open source projects are supported by committed developers and programmers around the world to help make their software effective and stable.

How to choose an open source platform

3 tips for improving your user's journey - Taking them from first click to check out


Improve your user's journeySo you have your online shop and it’s all looking rather pretty, so why aren’t you seeing any sales? I mean you promote it, use social media and you even pay a company for their SEO or advertising services. Well there are plenty of complex issues behind e-commerce solutions not performing as they should and in this guide we introduce you to 3 tips that can improve your user’s journey and take them from first click to checkout with ease.

3. Reduce those clicks

Five key benefits to using a content management system for your website

CMSHere at City Web Consultants we not only provide expertise on creating and implementing fantastic Drupal sites but we are also happy to provide other help and advice too...

There once was a time when maintaining your website meant shelling out big money to someone with the technical know-how to do it for you. This was a time when making even minor changes to your site, like updating an image for example, had the potential to be both expensive and time consuming.

Luckily for those of us with neither time nor budget to waste, things rapidly evolved to the age of the Content Management System, or CMS if you prefer. Building their website with a CMS such as Drupal, businesses like yours are empowered with all the tools they need to keep things current without a great deal of web wizardry involved.