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Online shopping just got more social with Blucarat

Blucarate-Commerce businesses were given a boost into the social sphere recently thanks to a new platform called Blucarat.

Blucarat helps e-Commerce sites to boost sales and engage their customers by bringing together the low cost and convenience of online shopping with the enjoyment of a real-world shopping trip with friends.

By replicating the latter experience in the online environment, the new service is currently helping a number of businesses to increase their revenue, adding further proof to the idea that social is a powerful tool for companies of all shapes and sizes.

Social sells

Web design in London with City Web Consultants

When it comes to web design in London then there's only one name to know: City Web Consultants!

That's because we offer unrivalled support and solutions for businesses looking for the very best in website design.

Growing numbers of happy clients are finding for themselves that when it comes to a high performing and innovative web presence, then there's only one expert firm that can provide all of their online needs - and that firm is City Web Consultants.

We use experts in web design from around the country

It doesn't matter to us whether our client is a start-up or a well-established and popular business; we commit the same dedication and resources to delivering the very best service that is possible.

Drupal take action to protect users from Heartbleed

HeartbleedEvery now and again, a security threat comes along which really forces the Internet’s collective back against the proverbial wall. Heartbleed, a gaping flaw in the OpenSSl encryption standard, is such a threat.

First announced by security researchers on Monday, a plethora of the web’s biggest companies and services were quick to react, including popular Content Management System Drupal, used by many of our clients.

What is heartbleed?

In a nutshell, Heartbleed is a recently discovered vulnerability in OpenSSL, which is used by most websites (including Facebook, Amazon, Gmail and a slew of others) to safely transmit the data you as a user want to keep safe.

Dynamic content websites: choose Drupal as the CMS

Drupal CMSIt's a term that will be more widespread when describing websites in the coming months and years and that's 'Dynamic content'.

But like a lot of new things, not many people understand the term or, more importantly, what it will mean for them.

Essentially, dynamic content is when a website delivers content tailored to your needs and wants whenever you visit a dynamic site.

Drupal is the choice for dynamic content

Think about visiting Amazon, the online retailer. If you have visited before, Amazon will know what you are looking for and tailor its mammoth offering to your specific needs when you re-visit.

By doing so, Amazon knows it will save the visitor time in searching and help them engage with the site to stay on it for longer. By doing so, Amazon increases the opportunities of making a sale.

The 3 secrets of online shoppers that every business should know


3 secrets of online shoppersHere at City Web Consultants we’re always learning more about the complex world of online shoppers. Over the years we’ve come to realise that nothing is to be taken for granted when designing for the ever changing behaviour of online shoppers, so we thought we’d bring you the latest insights into what people are getting up to online when shopping for everything from the weekly groceries to that must have item.

3. Shopping whilst at work

So you thought that you were the only one sneaking in shopping trips directly from your desk on a dull Monday morning? Well you’re not, in fact a recent survey found that 41% of workers have shopped online whilst at work within the last year (Goldbeck, 2013).