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Shellshock 'virus' causes panic - but don't be alarmed!

Shellshock 'virus'Here at City Web Consultants we not only provide expertise on creating and implementing fantastic Drupal sites but we are also happy to provide other help and advice too...

That's the case from some of our clients who have been worried by news this week of a new 'virus' called Shellshock - our advice is not to panic!

Firstly, this isn't a virus at all but is a bug that exploits a component in the operating system of Linux systems and Apple Macs known as Bash.

Bash and Shellshock – we can help

This means that someone may be able to take control remotely of a computer running on Linux or Apple's OS.

The bug has been given a 'severe' rating because it could cause a lot of damage to a lot of computers - some estimates say up to 500 million computers could be at risk.

Teaching youngsters how to code - it can only be good news

Teaching youngsters to codeAs youngsters return to their school desks after their long summer holiday, many will be enjoying a 'tougher curriculum'.

Among the new subjects is a desire to have more young people learn how to program computers and this can only be good for the UK.

Here at City Web Consultants we use the skills and experience of some of the very best programmers around but even we find it difficult to recruit to help deal with our growing workload.

All youngsters should learn coding

It's for this reason that we believe that teaching schoolchildren how to code can only be good for the UK economy and for the future development of IT and computing in this country.

How to generate sales from your business website

how to generate salesHere at City Web Consultants we not only provide expertise on creating and implementing fantastic Drupal sites but we are also happy to provide other help and advice too...​

The question of how to generate sales from a business website is closely connected to several other issues and it’s also important to understand that there is no simple or straightforward solution for generating customers from a web presence.

If it was that easy everyone would be in business online!

The most important thing is to have a website that loads quickly and operates effectively to deliver information to the website visitor.

Use Drupal for your business website

Too many firms design and develop websites that are suitable only for themselves without too much thought for the visitor or potential customer.

Why you don't want a 'free' website for your business

Why you don't want a 'free' websiteYour company website is a shop window which should generate leads and sales - many free sites don't provide the level of sophistication needed but we can show you how to get online success...

Everyone knows that when something sounds too good to be true then it probably isn't.

And that's the case with 'free' online website builders that are used by businesses to create their firm’s website.

Here at City Web Consultants we have worked hard to create an excellent reputation for designing and delivering business websites that not only impress but deliver sales.

Don’t use free business website building software!

Help! I don't understand what my website developer is talking about - Part 4

Help! I don't understand my web developerThe final part of our guide to the words and terms being used by website developers completes what has been an interesting exercise for us. City Web Consultants is a leading London-based Drupal website development firm and the guide is based on the queries we get from our clients.

Obviously, as a friendly and productive website developer we aim to keep things simple and then deliver top class work that impresses but it does help that everyone involved in the website creation process actually understands what is being said!

The first guide, and the other two parts, can be found here to reveal what website developers actually mean.