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DrupalMost businesses looking to create a new website for their services usually approach the issue with a degree of trepidation – and for good reason!

There’s a wide range of options open to those responsible for creating the website ranging from the (very) expensive bespoke approach to creating everything from the ground-up with specialist software programming or to opt for an open source solution.

Let’s get one thing straight at this point: because a software offering is open source means it is free to use but this doesn’t mean that it isn’t very good.

On the contrary. Open source projects are supported by committed developers and programmers around the world to help make their software effective and stable.

How to choose an open source platform

The best way of choosing the open source platform which is suitable for the business need is to examine each of them closely, though the shortlist will probably look like this:

  • Drupal
  • WordPress
  • Joomla!

There are other platforms available but these three are the most popular and for good reason. Each one will have its own army of fans and admirers which is why City Web Consultants should be approached for an opinion.

Though, to be fair, our opinion would be to choose Drupal because it is scalable and effective.

As London-based Drupal experts we can help implement the website that is being desired and then help the firm scale-up their offering as the business grows and demands on the website grow with it.

Not every open source content management system will be able to do this effectively which is why everyone at City Web Consultants believes that the best long-term solution for companies is to build on Drupal and develop the site as their needs increase because Drupal is geared up for doing this

London-based Drupal experts

Indeed, some of the biggest names in the corporate world, including the New York Stock Exchange, rely on Drupal to provide an effective and professional solution for their website needs.

As Adam Clarey of City Web Consultants explains: “Drupal is the best choice for a website that contains lots of information.

“So whether that site is a business site, a blog or a news outlet, then Drupal has the ability to work effectively in showcasing what the site is all about in a fresh and dynamic way. For us as Drupal experts, nothing compares with the power of implementing Drupal in a professional environment.”

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