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Why you don't want a 'free' websiteYour company website is a shop window which should generate leads and sales - many free sites don't provide the level of sophistication needed but we can show you how to get online success...

Everyone knows that when something sounds too good to be true then it probably isn't.

And that's the case with 'free' online website builders that are used by businesses to create their firm’s website.

Here at City Web Consultants we have worked hard to create an excellent reputation for designing and delivering business websites that not only impress but deliver sales.

Don’t use free business website building software!

For many people though the modest expense that comes with hiring website designers and engineers like ourselves doesn't factor into their calculations.

They think: 'Why pay all this money for a business website when I can get one for free?'

It's a good question and it deserves a good answer. In fact, several good answers.

The main reason is that a 'free' website will be very basic, have poor SEO (which means your customers are unlikely to find you) and have outdated and cumbersome software that is barely functional or impressive.

Which brings us nicely onto the subject of social media.

Free business websites and social media interaction

Increasing numbers of firms, especially small and medium enterprises, are gradually realising how important social media is becoming for generating interest in their services and products.

So while they may be enthusiastic about social media and implement an impressive plan to spread the word about their business offering, what is the point in putting all the effort into generating website traffic for your potential clients and customers to find a poorly-built website that is a poor representation of your business?

Essentially, all businesses websites should be simple for customers to use and they should be eye-catching.

That's simply not the case for many so-called 'free' business websites.

A ‘free’ business website will cost you money

So while a business may have a 'web presence' on the Internet, it's going to be something that is not effective or worthwhile. The website will actually cost you money with lost sales and eventually lead to a pricey exercise in switching your content onto a properly-designed and built website.

Everyone at City Web Consultants appreciates the fact that not everyone is enthusiastic about the process to create an online business presence but we have the enthusiasm and experience to help deliver the very best website that can be made.

Indeed, our main aim is to create a business website that is not only value for money but one which is also future-proof and that's why we rely on the excellent software called Drupal.

This is an excellent platform for a business website and is supported by thousands of developers and designers around the world to help keep clients and customers who use Drupal ahead of the game.

For more information on what our team of Drupal experts can do for you and your business, contact our senior consultant Adam on 020 7693 6134 or

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