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3 secrets of online shoppersHere at City Web Consultants we’re always learning more about the complex world of online shoppers. Over the years we’ve come to realise that nothing is to be taken for granted when designing for the ever changing behaviour of online shoppers, so we thought we’d bring you the latest insights into what people are getting up to online when shopping for everything from the weekly groceries to that must have item.

3. Shopping whilst at work

So you thought that you were the only one sneaking in shopping trips directly from your desk on a dull Monday morning? Well you’re not, in fact a recent survey found that 41% of workers have shopped online whilst at work within the last year (Goldbeck, 2013).

This means that e-commerce website design needs to be more efficient than ever; consumers need to get from A to B not only quickly, but before their boss approaches their desk!

2. Shopping on mobile

It’s an undisputed fact that mobile browsing is growing, anyone that hasn’t noticed this must have been living in a cave for the last 5 years. Yet it seems that this is the case for the 45% of businesses who don’t have a mobile friendly website (Adobe 2013). These businesses have been missing out on the 4 out of 5 consumers who have been using smartphones to shop since 2011 (ComScore, 2011). And if they don’t catch up soon they’ll be left behind as this is the year that mobile browsing is expected to overtake traditional desktop browsing (Smart Insights 2014).

1. Gender differences

Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars; this phrase is no more true than when applied to the differences between genders in terms of online shopping habits. For example, men are the most focussed when shopping online and tend never to wander from the shopping mission they’ve set themselves. Women on the other hand are far more likely to explore other areas and products on an ecommerce website, spending around 20% more time browsing on average (Redstage 2012).

As well as this women are far savvier when it comes to saving money online, with 68% as compared to 60% of males, are likely to use a coupon; as well as this they are also more likely to shop during sale times (where 49% of women are likely to be online as compared to only 36% of men [Redstage 2012]).

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