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Teaching youngsters to codeAs youngsters return to their school desks after their long summer holiday, many will be enjoying a 'tougher curriculum'.

Among the new subjects is a desire to have more young people learn how to program computers and this can only be good for the UK.

Here at City Web Consultants we use the skills and experience of some of the very best programmers around but even we find it difficult to recruit to help deal with our growing workload.

All youngsters should learn coding

It's for this reason that we believe that teaching schoolchildren how to code can only be good for the UK economy and for the future development of IT and computing in this country.

However, it's also good to see that alongside the issue of coding, teachers will also be teaching what algorithms are, how data is used and how social informatics help to develop applications and successful programs.

City Web Consultants is a fast growing firm of Drupal developers based in London and we pride ourselves on our work but some of our ambitions are limited by the lack of supply of suitably qualified and experienced programmers.

Drupal coding experts in London

It's our stringent criteria to help deliver the very best in programming for our range of clients that means we cast our recruitment net ever wider which means we go searching for coding experts in Europe and South America.

As our senior consultant, Adam Clarey, explains: “There doesn't seem to be enough programmers in the country even though UK web developing is a major industry and globally respected.

The UK tech industry is booming and has breezed through the recession for the most part and I think it will only carry on growing as other industries die out.”

He added: “For youngsters to learn coding early will be so much easier for them to transition into a working environment and means they won't have to start from scratch and be trained from square one.”

Programming skills will be vital.

As the world becomes ever more connected, the coding skills that youngsters learn in school will become increasingly important and this will benefit the country and our economy and prestige around the world.

For this reason, City Web Consultants will be enthusiastic supporters of the drive to increase coding skills and awareness because this is a subject close to our hearts and we will continue to grow by delivering top quality Drupal based websites to an increasingly growing portfolio of satisfied clients and increase employment opportunities for skilled programmers.

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