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Shellshock 'virus'Here at City Web Consultants we not only provide expertise on creating and implementing fantastic Drupal sites but we are also happy to provide other help and advice too...

That's the case from some of our clients who have been worried by news this week of a new 'virus' called Shellshock - our advice is not to panic!

Firstly, this isn't a virus at all but is a bug that exploits a component in the operating system of Linux systems and Apple Macs known as Bash.

Bash and Shellshock – we can help

This means that someone may be able to take control remotely of a computer running on Linux or Apple's OS.

The bug has been given a 'severe' rating because it could cause a lot of damage to a lot of computers - some estimates say up to 500 million computers could be at risk.

The real issue for many firms is that the exploit could be used to open up web servers that run Apache.

However, there is good news because developers have already written and applied 'patches' to fix the bug and that's what we have done for our computers and the firms that run our servers have done also.

Check your webserver have been patched for Shellshock

If you have any concerns about the security and safety of servers then contact the firm concerned - if they haven't already contacted you - to see what they are doing about the software exploitation.

Those clients of City Web Consultants who are concerned can call us to discuss their worries and we will answer your questions.

Issues such as Shellshock are bound to crop up from time-to-time because of the nature of the internet and the unscrupulous antics of those willing to exploit these vulnerabilities.

We, like many others in the IT industry, are constantly alert and ready to implement fixes and solutions when necessary – there’s too much at stake for growing firms like ours not to take an interest in these incidents.

Patch your computers and systems against Shellshock NOW!

Doing nothing when a severe warning about a potential bug allowing hackers to take control of a computer or webserver should never be ignored – prompt action is always necessary.

It also goes without saying, and we stress this to our clients, that investment in firewalls and strong malware and virus defenders against the unwarranted intrusion of hackers are well worth the money since this tactic means that there are another pair of eyes watching over your security.

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