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Blucarate-Commerce businesses were given a boost into the social sphere recently thanks to a new platform called Blucarat.

Blucarat helps e-Commerce sites to boost sales and engage their customers by bringing together the low cost and convenience of online shopping with the enjoyment of a real-world shopping trip with friends.

By replicating the latter experience in the online environment, the new service is currently helping a number of businesses to increase their revenue, adding further proof to the idea that social is a powerful tool for companies of all shapes and sizes.

Social sells

You only have to look at e-Commerce kings Amazon and eBay to see what a difference social tools can have on your bottom line. The two companies both introduced their own suite of social e-Commerce functions after seeing how platforms such as Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook were responsible for driving huge swathes of both traffic and sales across the web.

Following their lead, many other big name companies also got in on the act, adding features that helped their customers talk to each other, share products, view trending items, add tips and advice and more.

Social eCommerce for small businesses

Where Blucarat plays a significant role is in helping small and medium businesses do exactly the same thing without investing huge sums of money in their own dedicated social eCommerce platform.

How it works

According to the company’s website: “Blucarat Social is optimized to run on the Blucarat Commerce platform but operates seamlessly on all commerce platforms including Magento, Volusion, BigCommerce, demandware, IBM, ATG and any others.”

Working in harmony with your existing e-Commerce solution, the platform adds an unobtrusive, easy-to-install ‘social bar’ over your existing website, blending in seamlessly with the rest of your design to add that social level for your customers.

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