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OliviaTrials is an off road motorcycle sport that requires balance, skill and confidence. Sponsoring Olivia gives us the opportunity to support a talented young woman in a predominantly male sport. This is Olivia's story...

I have been involved in trials from the age of nine, attending local events and helping the club with observing. One day my dad was practising and I had a go on his bike, I knew I wanted to start trialing!

A few months later I got my first bike and competed in my first trial on October 16th 2010, winning my age class. My training and the size and power of my bikes progressed from there and I won the British A Class Intermediate title in 2014.

Right now I am in the middle of training for the British Championships, where there is a lot of pressure to keep the ‘British A Intermediate’ title. So far I have competed in one of the 2015 series and have a lot more training to do to make sure I get to the top of the podium this year. I will be travelling around the UK for competitions, and I am hoping for positive results so that I can finish the championships in a position that I am proud of. 

In the future I hope to compete in the Europeans against the top female riders, then in a few years I would like to ride in a world round, which is a big step, but I am prepared to put the work in to get to that position. Alongside riding in the Europeans, I hope to get into the training squad to train in Europe with experienced riders.

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