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Latest news from City Web ConsultantsWe are happy to report that a great deal of exciting developments have been taking place here at CWC HQ over the past few months! Both our personal lives and our work lives have been incredibly busy since the beginning of the year and we are very proud of the fact that we’ve managed to successfully maintain the ideal work/life balance. Working for ourselves is still as exciting and varied as it has ever been, and the past few months have galvanised our belief that for us; this is the only way of working and living which brings true happiness and productivity.                                                                            

Right now Adam is coming to the end of a long running, challenging and gratifying project with Accord, and is now on the cusp of signing a contract with an industry leading company in the network infrastructure field. Adam has now reached a stage in his career where he no longer needs to search for his next project as recruiters and companies are constantly on the phone asking him to apply for their positions. In fact, he was headhunted for his new project, and by all accounts he is enjoying being in this much coveted position! Well done Adam! It just goes to show that with a bit of belief and lots of hard work you can achieve anything. Keep your eyes on the CWC blog for a detailed post on his new position coming soon.

While Adam continues to climb the ladder in his chosen field, Lottie has recently stepped into a different field; the field of wedding design and coordination. While Lottie has been an active and talented wedding writer for over a year, she has now made the decision to move away from writing for clients in the wedding field to writing for herself. Right now Lottie is in the early stages of designing and creating a blog which will assist brides and grooms with planning their wedding; it will provide them with inspiration and will feature her favourite wedding-related suppliers and brands. Lottie is also currently writing a comprehensive wedding planning book which she hopes to complete once her marriage to Adam has taken place in December this year. She truly feels that a blog and book written by a bride-to-be during the run up to her own wedding is an attractive proposition to brides and grooms who are currently navigating the complicated task of planning a wedding. Finally, Lottie is also about to begin studying for a diploma in wedding planning, and is still working as a blog writer for one of her clients.

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