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how to generate salesHere at City Web Consultants we not only provide expertise on creating and implementing fantastic Drupal sites but we are also happy to provide other help and advice too...​

The question of how to generate sales from a business website is closely connected to several other issues and it’s also important to understand that there is no simple or straightforward solution for generating customers from a web presence.

If it was that easy everyone would be in business online!

The most important thing is to have a website that loads quickly and operates effectively to deliver information to the website visitor.

Use Drupal for your business website

Too many firms design and develop websites that are suitable only for themselves without too much thought for the visitor or potential customer.

In addition, many firms believe that they can simply use a free website to have a web presence but this is a policy that will ultimately backfire. It's explained more fully in this previous City Web Consultants article.

So the most important thing for a business website to be successful is for it to be attractive to visitors, search engine friendly and one which is also easy to update.

City Web Consultants are Drupal experts

For this reason, many firms are moving across to websites that use effective content management systems such as Drupal.

Obviously City Web Consultants are experts in delivering high quality and effective websites that work as clients want them to.

But don't just take our word for it:

Adam (from City Web Consultants) took our project from zero to market in no time at all with a perfectly functioning bi-lingual subscription e-commerce website. He took charge of all technical issues making sound recommendations at every stage to match our business needs. He is a complete professional and I could not recommend anyone else higher.”

Quesecome, Buenos Aires, Argentina


So once the business website has been created it's vital that the content within it is sharp and succinct to describe the products or services that are being sold.

It's also very important that the content for the site is regularly updated and for this purpose a business blog is the perfect solution.

While a business website needs to be updated

Many potential clients ask why they need to invest in their content and the answer is very simple.

Because the search engines are expecting you to do so. It's no longer good enough to create a web presence and then leave it untouched without any regular updates of any kind.

In addition, a blog on a website will help deliver a personal touch to what the company actually does and give people a feel for any offers and enticements.

Business will also find that an FAQ page is also a way to create and update regular contact.

So while this article is headlined ‘How to generate sales from your business website’ the answer is quite simple - you first need to attract web traffic in order to convert those visitors into paying customers.

Regular site updates will mean better search engine indexing

Without regular fresh content updates on the business website, the search engines will not be as favourable when indexing the site so web traffic will decline.

This means that visitor numbers will not turn into customers as a consequence.

So by using a Drupal website, a business website is arming themselves for the future development of the Internet, and things will change, because Drupal is an excellent offering which utilises designers and developers around the world to help propel this free product into being an incredible weapon in every business’ armoury.

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