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Help! I don't understand my web developerThis is the second part of our brief guide to the terminology and words being used by website developers – essentially as one of the leading London-based Drupal website developers these are the words our clients ask us about.

Though we like to keep things simple and deliver great work, we appreciate that clients and potential clients alike like to learn the terminology so this list is meant to be a big step towards helping them.

Check out our first part of the guide to what website developers actually mean and look out for our third instalment which will wrap the subject up.

by Adam Clarey, senior consultant at City Web Consultants

Hopefully, you have already read the first part of our guide to what website terminology means and so this page is an extension of that. Others may have come here after a Google search to learn more about what website developers are actually talking about.

City Web Consultants are one of the leading London-based Drupal web developers and we like to keep our explanations as simple as possible because we don't like to baffle or confuse clients; it doesn’t suit us to show off with terminology clients don't understand.

So here we go with some more words terms:

Call to action

Put simply, this is a way to encourage visitors to interact with the website by using a button or graphic for them to undertake an action. For instance, they could click on 'learn more' to be taken to a page with more detail or they could click on 'buy now' and go to a sales page.

There are lots of really attractive and fancy websites in existence but a business website needs to perform the function which is to keep the visitor on the site and hopefully to convert them into a paying customer. A call to action is a way of doing this.


This is a fairly well used term which refers to the main image found on a homepage. This is usually a big, bright image that will not only impressed but tell visitors immediately what the website is about. Essentially, no words are needed when the hero section works well.

Promo area

This is basically the part of a website which is used to promote a business service or product and which can be changed easily and frequently. Some sites simply have a promo area running down the side of a website rather than having a specific part of the site for visitors to move to.

Exit page

When it comes to evaluating how successful a new website is, or for those in the process of developing a new one, it’s quite important to note which is the last page a visitor reaches before leaving the website.

For many visitors, the landing page will also be the exit page but by using a call to action we can take the visitor on a journey towards becoming a customer but the developer will need to know why they leave on a certain page. It may be, on a sales site, they exit at the sales basket but clients won't know how to remedy this unless they evaluate their web analytics.

Landing page

This is not to be confused with the Homepage since a visitor may have clicked on an advert or another website with the sole aim of finding out a specific piece of information so the landing page is something that is relevant to promotional content or information. Again, once a business has attracted the visitor to a landing page, the call to action is a crucial piece of work on the page itself.

City Web Consultants are London-based Drupal website developers

So that’s our second guide based on our extensive experience of designing and delivering quality and effective Drupal-based websites to a range of businesses in London, and around the UK.

Of course, we appreciate that not everyone has the same depth of knowledge we do which is why we try to avoid jargon and acronyms but if you are looking for a new website developer in London and every one you meet with is using acronyms to sound impressive then stop listening and contact us!

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