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Help! I don't understand my web developerThis is a brief guide to the words and terminology being used by website developers - by a consultant from one of London's leading Drupal developers.

This is the first part in a short series we hope will help more people who are too afraid to ask their website developer what they are talking about.

by Adam Clarey, senior consultant at City Web Consultants

Here at City Web Consultants, we deal with a range of clients that are large and small not only in London but also around the World who want to use our vast experience and expertise to deliver a website that is the very best it can be.

However, we've also found that many people who are searching for a website developer in London to put together their new site do not always understand or appreciate the terminology used in website design.

So here's our quick guide to website design terminology to help anyone who doesn't fully understand the terms being used.

The very basic website development terminology


First out of the blocks are two common terms which need to be appreciated; HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language and is the code which is used by a developer to construct a website while CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets which control the bits that visitors see such as fonts, the layout and overall appearance of the website.


This stands for HyperText Preprocessor and is essentially a database that is necessary for a website to display dynamic content, especially if visitors need to interact with the site itself.


For many people commissioning a new website for their business, this is the most crucial part: the content management system (CMS). It's the CMS which allows users to manage the actual content of the website by simply using an administrative page.

We have found that for a CMS system to be successful it requires no knowledge from the user of HTML, CSS or any programming of any sort.

The best CMS systems are open source which can be easily adapted to suit a particular project and here at City Web Consultants we think Drupal is by far and away the best of the systems and we would urge more firms to consider it. It's really easy to use and it performs well in search engine rankings.

Use a Drupal developer to deliver a quality Content Management System


During conversations about what a new company website should look like, we will use terms like SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This is the process by which we can help the website to be found and indexed by search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

For this to be truly effective, it's always a good idea for a client to think about the website content before work begins and how it will be updated. The best way to impress search engines is to begin blogging on the site with relevant information for visitors to use.

Alt Atribute

Now we are getting into the really geeky stuff! This is simply a way to describe an image and it's used by search engines, as well as screen readers, in place of an image since computers can’t ‘see’ an image in the same way we can. It's a useful way to influence search engine rankings too.

Title attribute

This is a vital tool in helping a website and page to be indexed correctly by search engines - it's a way to describe what the web page is actually about. The text itself is displayed in the very top of a browser window and will help visitors decide whether it's a page they want to visit which is why a title attribute must be carefully considered.

London-based Drupal website developers – we like to help

That's essentially it, from our broad experience of designing and delivering quality and effective websites to a range of businesses in London, and around the UK, we have found that these few terms can help initial meetings go well.

Also, because we have a lot of experience we appreciate that not everyone has the same depth of knowledge that we do which is why we try to avoid jargon and acronyms. If you're looking for a new website developer and they are keen on the use of acronyms to the point where they causing too much confusion, then tell them to stop or just contact us!

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