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Help! I don't understand my web developerThe final part of our guide to the words and terms being used by website developers completes what has been an interesting exercise for us. City Web Consultants is a leading London-based Drupal website development firm and the guide is based on the queries we get from our clients.

Obviously, as a friendly and productive website developer we aim to keep things simple and then deliver top class work that impresses but it does help that everyone involved in the website creation process actually understands what is being said!

The first guide, and the other two parts, can be found here to reveal what website developers actually mean.

by Adam Clarey, senior consultant at City Web Consultants

Google is a fantastic tool and hopefully you have come across this guide because you are dealing with a website developer who is using terms you aren’t so sure about. This guide, and the other three parts, will detail everything you need to know.

Though, it must be said, web developers should not be using terminology to impress because this only causes confusion and irritation. Don’t worry – no-one at City Web Consultants will follow the same path which is why we have such a good reputation for communication.

If you’re looking for a leading London-based Drupal website developer, then get in touch and we will be happy to guide you through the website development process.

Here’s our final instalment:

Style guide

Many large firms have a style guide so that designers will know what the firm's branding and 'look' is all about without having to ask too many questions. A style guide is used for brochures and websites and often a big help. Small firms tend not to have a style guide for what their website should look like without knowing the exact technical spec but can point to another site as a reference point.


This is when a web designer takes the ideas from a client and creates a non-functional website so that everyone can understand and make changes to the look and feel of a site before the expensive programming begins. The mock-up itself is the visual of what a visitor will see when they visit the site so any changes that are made now will make the overall cost cheaper since the page itself hasn't actually been coded.

Wire frame

This is much like a mock-up but without the design element; a wireframe is the very early stage of the website design and enables all parties to see how the usability and layout will work before working on the design itself.

This is a vital element in the process of website development, especially for a large business, because it's the first opportunity to see how the website will function without deciding on how it will look.

User interface (or UI)

Creating the user interface can be a specialist job for someone to focus on how a website interacts with its users; the user interface has elements within the webpage that need to be designed specifically to make that experience as easy as possible.

This is when a business website, for example, really does need to focus on driving a visitor to a sales page and for them to make a purchase.


This is closely linked to the style guide and is the firm's identity so will include things such as promotions, messages, products and actions to help project the 'face' of the business to its publics.

Be aware that when developers talk about branding they are not just talking about the logo for a business because they are aware that the branding, or communication, needs to be consistent across a website.

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If you have read our guides to the terminology being used by website developers and have something we haven’t covered, then please get in touch with us and we will add it to a future list. There is bound to be something – developers are generally trying to find new words to describe what they do!

Or if you want to have the best Drupal website that’s possible to create, then please feel free to contact us also and City Web Consultants will be pleased to help. We have satisfied clients in London and around the UK who have used our vast experience to create the best in Drupal website development and design.

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