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There once was a time when maintaining your website meant shelling out big money to someone with the technical know-how to do it for you. This was a time when making even minor changes to your site, like updating an image for example, had the potential to be both expensive and time consuming.

Luckily for those of us with neither time nor budget to waste, things rapidly evolved to the age of the Content Management System, or CMS if you prefer. Building their website with a CMS such as Drupal, businesses like yours are empowered with all the tools they need to keep things current without a great deal of web wizardry involved.

If you’re deliberating a move to a content management system yourself, here’s five ways it could benefit your business:

Easy to Use

Hands down the biggest benefit to you as a business and website owner is that all the coding and programming is done for you by developers like us. That removes a huge technical obstacle between you and your website, making it simple for you to log on, post updates or make changes quickly and simply.

With a little training and some time spent getting used to your content management system, updating your website will be no more of a challenge to you than creating a PowerPoint presentation or a Word document.

No software involved - update your site from anywhere

Back in the old days, maintaining your website meant using dedicated web design software to make the appropriate amends or updates, then using a second piece of software (an FTP client) to upload it to your server.

Thankfully, those days are behind us with content management systems, which you can use on any computer with a web browser.

Get your whole team involved

If you chose to, you can grant individual access to multiple people, removing the burden of website maintenance from the shoulders of one single person. With a CMS, you grant members of your team with different levels of access, from high level admins to content creators who must submit their updates for approval before they go live on your site.

You can allow your team to update certain parts of your site but not others, allow them to use a number of features whilst keeping others disabled. Your whole CMS can be customised to grant the kind of access you want to grant to those you want to grant it to.

Many businesses we work with employ this feature to ensure their site has a frequent stream of fresh content as more users contribute and that urgent updates can be quickly dealt with.

Improve your search engine rankings

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is used to power your website up the rankings of popular search engines such as Google. Done right, it can help you to come up trumps over your competitors when it comes to attracting web traffic through search results.

Content Management Systems like Drupal include their own SEO tools to ensure your website is fully optimized.

Cost effective

The days when you had to splash out huge sums to make even minor site updates may be behind us, but what about paying somebody to take care of the initial design and development? Developing a CMS website costs much less than you may think, which is why so many businesses are using them to reach their customers and generate revenue.

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