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Drupal CMSIt's a term that will be more widespread when describing websites in the coming months and years and that's 'Dynamic content'.

But like a lot of new things, not many people understand the term or, more importantly, what it will mean for them.

Essentially, dynamic content is when a website delivers content tailored to your needs and wants whenever you visit a dynamic site.

Drupal is the choice for dynamic content

Think about visiting Amazon, the online retailer. If you have visited before, Amazon will know what you are looking for and tailor its mammoth offering to your specific needs when you re-visit.

By doing so, Amazon knows it will save the visitor time in searching and help them engage with the site to stay on it for longer. By doing so, Amazon increases the opportunities of making a sale.

It’s this dynamic tailoring of content where websites are increasingly heading and most businesses will have to address this issue at some point in the future.

It also means consulting with those who understand and appreciate what a website needs to do in order to meet these demands because a lot of work will take place 'behind the scenes' in order for this to work.

Will I need to rebuild my business website?

For many firms, adapting to a new world with dynamic content will mean switching to a new website but this isn't as difficult or as traumatic as many would believe.

There are several content management systems (CMS) available to help create and deliver the dynamic content for visitors but the choice of which software to use could be vital.

This is where 'those that know' would stand-up and many would proffer Drupal, an excellent open source (which means it's free!) CMS system.

Adam Clarey, of London-based City Web Consultants, has years of experience in building and delivering sophisticated websites using Drupal and he says that the software choice is crucial to future-proof the site as the internet develops still further.

Drupal developer in London

He explains: “As dynamic content takes off, firms will not only have to invest in creating the content that visitors want to read but they will also need to consider how it will be delivered. That means a suitable CMS system that can be adapted to impress visitors and clients which, for me, means it has to be Drupal.

“As one of the leading Drupal developers in London, we know from experience just how adaptable the software is: it's an excellent choice for everything from a corporate website to an online shop. Drupal handles everything really well and it's backed-up with an enthusiastic community of developers looking to promote it and create impressive programs that will deliver a huge range of benefits.”

Drupal is now growing in popularity as businesses and website developers search for a flexible CMS system that is robust and has the potential for development.

City Consulting can advise on Drupal installation

So while Drupal is lagging behind WordPress in terms of popularity, they differ substantially on which markets they appeal to: WordPress is an excellent 'off the shelf' choice for anyone who wants to build a simple and effective website in minutes and whereas Drupal is also simple to set-up, it's also much more ambitious in terms of its abilities.

Adam says: “There's no doubt that Drupal will become more popular as developers and businesses realise its capabilities and decide that as CMS choices go, it's by far the best option for building an impressive website with dynamic content.”

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