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DrupalHere at City Web Consultants we weren’t surprised to hear that Drupal – a fantastic content management system – is now powering more than one million websites because we appreciate how effective a tool for business it is.

It’s also come as no surprise to us that of the world’s top 100,000 websites, Drupal is running 12% of them.

The news was announced by the Drupal Association and the director of this non-profit making organisation, Holly Ross, said: “Every day we hear about how Drupal is changing lives for the better.

“Drupal uses a vast mix of users and contributors from around the world to make it a unique and popular content management system and it now powers some of the largest sites on the internet.”

Drupal experts in the UK – City Web Consultants

Drupal is an open source content management system which means that it is free to use and it’s also one of the most effective ways to create and then maintain a website – which is why it is growing in popularity.

Adam Clarey of London-based City Web Consultants says everyone involved with implementing and supporting Drupal should be proud of the achievement.

He explains: “As a Drupal community we are committed to extending the reach and influence of the best content management system available and, in our eyes, there is little to compete with it.

“Any business looking to implement an effective and impressive web presence should contact us to see what Drupal can do for them. Increasing numbers of businesses are making the switch to this great platform and we can help them do it.”

Drupal is a free and affective content management system

Adam says that one reason for Drupal’s growing popularity is that the system is modular in that users can implement only what they need to help create an impressive website.

Underpinning the surging popularity of the Drupal platform is a committed community of programmers and developers from around the world who offer help and support as well as developing excellent programmes to be used with Drupal for free.

Adam adds: “Probably the best reason for using Drupal is that it is scalable – a business might start with a small site and as they become successful the site can grow with them.

“Indeed, that’s one reason why so many big firms, including and the New York Stock Exchange for instance, use Drupal.”

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