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DrupalThe demand for Drupal websites has been growing steadily for the past few years since it became an open source project back in 2001. The popularity of this free, multilingual and intuitive platform is due to the many benefits which it offers to companies big and small. Some of the most celebrated benefits of building your website using the Drupal CMS includes the flexibility and scalability of the platform, its dynamic global community of users, and the fact that it is an open source CMS which offers thousands of free designs and site modules. Unfortunately the supply of quality Drupal developers has not been growing as quickly as the platform itself. Companies are now finding that they cannot locate a sufficiently qualified Drupal developer without spending a fortune on recruitment companies to locate appropriate candidates. Many companies find that when they do identify an individual with the required level of knowledge and experience that the individual prefers to work as a contractor, rather than as an in-house expert. This way of working ensures that Drupal developers are paid properly for their expertise; however it also means that many small to medium sized companies simply cannot afford to pay the rates which these contractors can achieve.

As there is such a high demand for Drupal contractors there is less desire for these individuals to look for permanent jobs within a company. The consequence of this inability to find affordable (but still highly qualified) developers is that companies may well decide to use a different CMS/platform such as Wordpress, Umbaco or a whole host of other open source or proprietary platforms to build their website, slowing the progress of the Drupal platform as a result. This may seem like an impossible situation to resolve but there is a really simple way to fix this problem; basically we need more Drupal developers!

The Drupal UK website lists all of the UK based Drupal meet-ups, camp and conferences which serve to educate interested parties about the Drupal platform, its benefits and its applications. If you’re a web developer looking to move into the world of Drupal development the first step would be to go to a local Drupal camp to see if the platform appeals to you. If you enjoy the camp then attending one of the big conferences would be the next step. Take a look at the main Drupal website for more information. Our director Adam is a senior Drupal developer so please feel free to get in contact with him for more information, whether you are considering moving into the Drupal development world, or if you are looking to find information on how Drupal can benefit your company.

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