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Improve your user's journeySo you have your online shop and it’s all looking rather pretty, so why aren’t you seeing any sales? I mean you promote it, use social media and you even pay a company for their SEO or advertising services. Well there are plenty of complex issues behind e-commerce solutions not performing as they should and in this guide we introduce you to 3 tips that can improve your user’s journey and take them from first click to checkout with ease.

3. Reduce those clicks

Reducing the number of clicks that your consumer takes to get where they want to go should serve as a key aim. The general rule of three clicks from landing on your website to viewing the product or information they are searching for should guide your design efforts. This magic number has been shown to be the difference between consumers adding products to baskets or leaving a website to shop elsewhere, never to return again.

2. Merge your social media presence with your online shop

Let’s face facts, consumer’s want easy. Adding clicks between your social media presence to your online shop is merely introducing more opportunities for your would be purchaser to get distracted and take a different path (perhaps the draw of the latest cat meme becomes all too much on a lazy Friday afternoon). So merge your social media with your online presence as much as possible. Ensure that they can shop directly from a tab on your Facebook page, have product spotlights with links directly to the product in question and if you’re running a product promotion give your consumer a discount incentive to complete their journey from social network to your website.

1. Load times - Where a second is the difference between a buying or abandoning visitor

Your website’s load time is the singular most important influence on your user’s journey (after all, this is the first step they take into your online world); and with 40% of visitors abandoning your page after 3 seconds of loading, time really is money in the world of e-commerce (Econsultancy 2011).

All too often at Rabbit Media we hear of businesses who have fantastic looking websites built on platforms that simply aren’t up to the challenge that e-commerce presents. We also find that businesses have outgrown their website solution with a design that is outdated and a platform that is no longer fit for purpose. That’s why we build on Drupal - the stuff of e-commerce dreams and the platform that world grant's Zynga and Twitter use. This means that our client’s have the most powerful platform behind their online shop and load times that are unparalleled.

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