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We are very happy to announce that CWC are working with iYield to build their cutting-edge blockchain property investment platform on the Ethereum public network.

The new iYield platform will allow vetted investors to invest Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) or fiat currency (GBP, USD etc) in exchange for its new, real estate-backed cryptocurrency, YieldCoin.

A series of public sales of YieldCoin will start in early 2018, with the proceeds being used to create a diversified property portfolio. YieldCoin holders will benefit from potential capital growth and regular income from the underlying portfolio.

iYield’s mission is to make property more liquid through its end-to-end transacting platform, offering whole-of-market search, funding and sales solutions for home buyers, investors, owners and developers. YieldCoin will act as a gateway to cryptocurrency for the wider public, whilst enabling holders of BTC and ETH to diversify into bricks and mortar.

iYield’s management team have a strong record in managing venture capital funds and growing technology companies. YieldCoin will be promoted and managed as a “security token”, fully-compliant with regulatory requirements unlike the vast majority of coins and tokens that have been launched since 2016. 

Details of the first sales of YieldCoin will be released in January 2018. 



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