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We are very happy to announce that CWC are working with iYield to build their cutting-edge blockchain property investment platform on the Ethereum public network.

The new iYield platform will allow vetted investors to invest Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) or fiat currency (GBP, USD etc) in exchange for iYield tokens.

Through multiple rounds of investment, also known as ICO’s, investors are buying a stake of the total property fund. The fund will then be used to buy properties with the aim to flip (quick re-sale) or rent out, then as the value of the investment fund increases, so does the value of the investors tokens.

This is the first time any such blockchain based property investment fund has been launched and is truly ground-breaking. The tokens from many other ICO funded ventures can suffer from highly fluctuating token values based entirely on their ‘perceived value’. Investors of iYield on the other hand can be assured that the value of their crypto token we be entirely pegged to the value of ‘bricks and mortar’, ie, the property investment fund.

iYield is planning their public ICO for late 2017, and more details will follow soon.


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